A punter started a petition to make Flume eat Lizzo's ass at Bonnaroo

music news 14/01/2020

Flume dominated headlines for a few reasons last year.

He put out his first extended release in almost two years and had a massive hit with Vera Blue collaboration 'Rushing Back' as well as headlining Listen In in Auckland.

But perhaps the biggest story surrounding the Aussie producer came after a video from Burning Man surfaced, showing Flume performing a bit of analingus on stage. The NSFW clip absolutely flew on reddit and was crowned r/EDM’s top thread of the year.

Now a fan - Roger Smith - has taken things a step further, launching a Change.org petition to “Make Flume eat Lizzo‘s ass at Bonnaroo 2020.”

Smith's post has disappeared - we'd guess Change.org weren't too happy with the nature/content of the petition - but thankfully you can see a screengrab below.