New Daft Punk album reportedly due in May

music news 05/02/2020

We've seen our fair share of alleged Daft Punk leaks but no matter how big or small the rumours are, we're always up for anything from the French duo.

A pair of documents allegedly coming from Sony and Republic this morning suggest that a new Daft Punk album will be released on May 26 this year.

A Reddit user by the name of dpthrowaway2020 posted an image with the pair of documents in the Daft Punk subreddit.

The documents indicate a release date of May 26, 2020 and detail distribution on digital, CD, vinyl, and laserdisc. The space for album art is blank and the track count is 12.

Eagle eyed fans have poked a few holes in the alleged documents, with representative contact is listed as Paul Hahn at Daft Arts - which dissolved two years ago. Fans have also noted that the May 26 release date falls on a Tuesday - whereas most major label releases occur on a Friday.

We haven't had any new Daft Punk since their 2013 Grammy winner Random Access Memories so we'll still hold out hope - so cross your fingers for some confirmed news soon!