Noisia share photo in-studio with Skrillex

music news 18/02/2020

Iconic drum and bass trio Noisia have just shared a photo in studio with fellow icon Skrillex.

While we're certain they have at least one track together - it's been played out at recent shows including Noisia's appearance in Christchurch.

Here's hoping we get a release soon and maybe a couple more tracks before the group split indefinitely - which they announced at the end of last year.

Last year Noisia announced:

After 20 years of being Noisia, we are ready to become something new. We are very proud of what we’ve done. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity we were given to share our music and vision with so many people, and we feel greatly indebted to all those who helped us along the way. We’re excited about making the last year as Noisia as memorable as we can, and we’re curious to see what will come after.

Check out the photo of Noisia and Skrillex in studio below.