Police find a fully functioning recording studio in the cab after pulling over truck driver

funny shit 17/02/2020

Anyone who’s ever made music knows that when a beat comes to mind, you’ve got to get it down ASAP. Even if you’re zooming down the motorway in a huge ass truck apparently. 

A truck driver in Washington was pulled over this week by a State trooper for speeding, but the cop was pretty shocked at what the man was coping inside his ride. The guy had his rig decked out with a fully functioning recording studio inside. The truck came complete with a mixer, monitor, headphones, and a microphone that lowered from the ceiling of the truck - and to top it all off, the driver was also reportedly arrested for carrying a haul of party favors as well. 

Washington Public Information Officer Chris Thorson shared photos from the mobile recording studio to Twitter to let us all witness the impressive set up. 

As unsafe as it is, when you’ve got to make beats, you’ve got to make beats, ya know?