Punter gets festival VIP band tatted on his wrist, given free entry for life

funny shit 07/02/2020

If you think you’re the ultimate fest gremlin who’d do anything to get in, we’re willing to bet you probably haven’t gone as far as this guy. 

Known only by the name Brandon, a fan of Rolling Loud festival - a huge 2-day hip-hop festival in the US - got a two day VIP wristband permanently tattooed on his wrist. What a lad. 

“Speechless!” the festival tweeted with a photo of the tattoo. The 2-day VIP tattoo is based off his real-life 2-day GA wristband - yeah, he took the liberty of upgrading himself. Excellent move. 

Rapper Darnell replied to the tweet, saying the festival had to let him in with that and the festival responded, “For life” with a laughing emoji.

Eventually, it got back to Brandon who was pretty keen on free tickets for life, saying “Yes let me in for life” with Rolling Loud responding, “Got you fam.” What a result!

It’s unclear if Brandon will be automatically added to the festival’s guest list for life, or if security will just know to “look out for the kid with the VIP tattoo,” but he’s obviously a huge fan if he was willing to dedicate his wrist permanently to the cause: