LISTEN AGAIN: Netsky's 'Memory Lane' just turned 10

music news 13/03/2020

Ten years ago today, our man Netsky dropped 'Memory Lane' - his first release on the Hospital Records label and part of their Sick Music 2 compilation.

In an interview with UKF, the Belgian producer revisited the track and made hints at his future in drum and bass.

'I had been sending demos through AIM to Hospital for some time, hoping something would get picked up,' he said. 

'It all happened in such a rush,' Boris recalls. 'It must have been 2009 so I was 18 or just 19 and Hospital Records invited me to take a trip to London. Before they signed me they added me to the Hospitality line-ups in London and Brighton and everything just spiralled from there.'

As for his love affair with drum and bass, Netsky said 'I’m really enjoying drum & bass at the moment, sure.'

'I’ve always enjoyed it. But I think it’s fair to say I’ve been very inspired lately.'

He did reveal he was working on a drum and bass album the last time he was in at George, so here's hoping we get some new music soon!

Watch that interview up top and listen to 'Memory Lane' below.