Diplo premieres Major Lazer remix of The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights'

music news 01/04/2020

Diplo's Corona Sabbath quarantine live stream sessions are still going strong, and he's been dropping some pretty sick IDs - the latest being the Major Lazer remix for The Weekend's latest single “Blinding Lights,” from his album After Hours.

Thankfully a fan was able to grab a screen recording of the track, and posted it to r/EDM.

Listen to the snippet of the Blinding Lights remix below! Here's hoping we get an official release sometime soon.

Diplo also shared on Instagram an update on how he's doing as a performer forced to stay indoors, caption a recent post:

DJs are cut from a different cloth. The real ones are DiY. We came up making our own parties, renting a warehouse or bar and buying kegs. passing out flyers and mixtapes with new music. now we’re just going to Target to get a green screen, fog machines and cheap disco lights for our live stream.. Just a month ago I was playing for 40,000 people and now I’m just desperate for human contact I beg my neighbors to knock on my door to tell me to turn it down. Still in these circumstances I couldn’t be happier.