LISTEN: ODEZSA and Golden Features drop first two singles from collab project BRONSON

music news 03/05/2020

This week we got the news that Odesza and Golden Features were releasing a collab album under the name BRONSON. Now we’re getting our first listen of the project, with the first two singles from the forthcoming album released.

The first single, ‘HEART ATTACK’ is a downtempo track with vocals from experimental rock band Ultraísta’s lau.ra. BRONSON reflects that it “was the first vocal track we worked on for the record. It was one of those ideas that came together really quickly and felt very natural while writing with lau.ra. Ultimately, it was a confluence between the two distinctive sounds of ODESZA and Golden Features. It served as a turning point in the writing process of the album and an inspiration for the other vocal tracks to come.”

‘VAULTS’, the second single, is a bit darker, with BRONSON commenting it “was one of the earlier instrumentals we completed and it acted as a cornerstone to the overall sound design and aesthetic of the album. The track really proved a departure from each artist’s own respective styles and set a definitive change in direction for the BRONSON project. We knew we had something special here and it served as a guiding light for the rest of the record.”

The album titled BRONSON will be released on July 17, and is available now to pre-order and pre-save digitally at the official BRONSON store. Listen to ‘HEART ATTACK / VAULTS’ below.