Second season of Netflix's White Lines reportedly already in the works

Netflix 25/05/2020

Netflix show White Lines is an instant hit after dropping on Netflix recently, and even though it's only been in our lives for a few weeks it looks like a second season is already taking shape.

Tom Rhys Harries - who played Axel Collins - has claimed show writer Alex Pina is working on the next chapter and we're so keen.

Rhys Harries told LADBible ‘I know that there are recces happening for season two; they’re location scouting, if and when that goes ahead – or that was happening prior to the global pandemic.

‘But I think everybody would be really keen to go back and visit Alex [Pina]’s world again, because it’s just so out there and colourful and sort of bonkers. It’s just a fun place to live in for a little bit.’

The show follows the murder mystery surrounding Rhys Harries' Axel after his body is found 20 years after his disappearance.

Daniel Mays and Angela Griffin, both stars of the show, chatted to about the possibility of a second season. Mays said ‘I mean look, I think it’s dying it’s calling out for a second series.’

‘It’s kind of, none of it’s been properly resolved. I don’t wanna give away too much but, yeah I’m just pitching for a second series.’

Griffin noted that for a second season to proceed a lot needs to change.

‘There’s so many things that have to have to change for us to be able to do a second season,’ she said. ‘If we can get past all of those social distancing things because you know, Anna’s life isn’t about social distancing – she needs people to be able to touch each other.’

‘But, one hundred per cent, I’d be up for doing another season.’

Here's hoping we get a second season soon.