Coachella reportedly not happening this year

music news 11/06/2020

Reports from Billboard have revealed that - somewhat unsurprisingly - it doesn't look like Coachella will proceed at its pushed back date in October.

“It is clear now that live events with fans will not resume for many months and likely not until sometime in 2021,” AEG chief executive Dan Beckerman wrote. “When we are able to reopen, it will take time until we see our fans, partners and sponsors fully return.”

Billboard revealed that roughly 60% of ticketholders are yet to ask for a refund and likely still keen to party.

Organisers are reportedly considering holding a reduced-capacity event during Coachella's normal April dates next year, though it would probably only happen over one weekend. If a smaller event doesn't happen in April, a full-size festival in October could still be on the cards in 2021.

“It is our responsibility as a management team to protect our company and make sure that we are positioned for long-term success, and we are focused on this critical objective,” Beckerman wrote.

“The world is slowly re-opening, and our industry will re-open later and more slowly than most. As a result, our organization and workforce have to adapt and evolve to meet the demands, challenges and economic circumstances we are likely to face when we emerge from this crisis.”