Carl Cox speaks out about illegal raves in the UK

music news 07/07/2020

Dance legend Carl Cox has shared his thoughts on the wave of illegal raves hitting the UK while the country battles COVID-19.

The DJ chatted with Sky News about the raves, saying it's 'not the answer' and putting blame on the government.

Cox told Sky News that with social distancing in effect, nightlife simply can't operate as normal, saying that "illegal parties are basically done out of frustration."

"Just done out of showing it's our right to do what we want to do," he added. "It's not the answer to this."

Last month two illegal raves drew over 6,000 people. Unfortunately, at said raves three men were stabbed, one man died of a suspected drug overdose, and police were reportedly investigating the rape of an 18-year-old woman.

Pubs and restaurants in the UK were allowed to reopen as of Saturday, while clubs and music venues remain closed - as they have been for the last four months.