Diplo announces first ambient album 'MMXX'

music news 31/08/2020

American superproducer Diplo is at it again, crossing into yet another genre.

After gaining steam with his house imprint Higher Ground - releasing massive tracks like 'On My Mind' - as well as releasing a country album country under his alias Thomas Wesley, Diplo has seemingly dipped his toes in almost every area of music, and now he's taking on something completely different. Ambient music.

In a lengthy social post, Diplo announced MMXX, his first ambient music project. In the post, he revealed that MMXX - Roman numerals for 2020 - is the only music he's actually made this year, and detailed the inspiration behind his new album:

“…It’s about being here this year. For me it’s all I had inside me. I didn’t want to have zoom sessions, I didn’t want to write pop songs.

"I was just stuck in my house with keyboards and a guitar I barely ever used. I would walk outside Los Angeles and see empty streets and see nervous people and this is what I heard .. but to me this year isn’t dark it’s not about the negative .. it’s about hope.

"We are all going to remember we did it together and remember what we take from it .. we can look back in a few years and say it was tough but I’m tougher…”

The album drops in full next week, but five of the songs are already available on sleep and meditation app Calm. Make sure you check it out next week!