LISTEN: The Notorious B.I.G's son has co-produced a 'Big Poppa' house remix

music news 20/08/2020

CJ Wallace, the son of legendary rapper The Notorious B.I.G., has paid homage to his late father through a newly produced “Big Poppa” (House Mix).

The release is part of a bigger project, Ready to Dance, taking its title from Biggie's debut album 'Ready To Die' and dedicated to reimagining the rapper's biggest tracks.

'This process has been an enlightening wake-up call and an adulting experience for me,' Wallace said. 'We always force ourselves to think bigger and more creatively about my Dad.'

'When it came to his music, it was the same thing [as electronic music], not using vocals, but really thinking about his spirit and the emotional connection that his music gives to his fans.

'Ready to Dance allows us to create a new foundation for experiencing his music and other legendary musicians.'

Check out the House Mix of 'Big Poppa' co-produced by CJ Wallace, Jonathan Hay, Sarah Rush, and Willie Mack up top! It's definitely a change of pace from the original.