Netsky and Montell2099's collab is out this week

music news 19/08/2020

Yep, THAT Montell2099 x Netsky collab teased at Rhythm & Vines over New Years and played in a bunch of Netsky's lockdown livestreams is finally getting an official release!

Netsky revealed on social media that 'Mixed Emotions' featuring Montell2099 would be arriving Friday in a teaser video featuring shots of Auckland as well as his guest appearance at the iconic New Years festival.

Check out the tease below.

A video of the pair playing the track at a party in Auckland earlier this year has also been circling the internet if you want a bigger glimpse at the track, or check out any of Netsky's recent livestreams and he's usually dropped it in there somewhere. Otherwise keep an ear out for the full release on Friday and hopefully more from Netsky soon as we get ready for an album release!