WATCH: Disclosure's livestream set from Croatia's Plitvice Lakes

Watch 18/08/2020

With production duo Disclosure set to release their third studio album in less than two weeks, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence have built the hype in a unique way.

To celebrate the upcoming release of 'ENERGY', the pair performed a one of a kind livestream with Cercle, broadcasting straight from the middle of the jungle in Croatia.

Cercle have built a reputation for incredible livestreams, including ZHU's epic performance in the Hakuba mountains in Japan, and their latest effort with Disclosure in the Plitvice Lakes of Croatia makes for a stunning watch and listen.

Cercle were careful to outline that the 'performance is forbidden to the public and that music will not affect nature (it will only be present in the artists' headphones.)'

If you're keen to watch - check out the full stream HERE.