Auckland based techno producer Kadyn Webster drops 'Computerised Sedative'

music news 25/09/2020

Auckland based techno producer Kadyn Webster drops a brand new track 'Computerised Sedative' and it's available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music:

Kadyn also holds down a Sunday show on GeorgeFM each month and it's called Understanding Emotions:

"Understanding Emotions is essentially a musical composition journey of around 1 hour. The music inside the mix is mostly emotional melodic tracks and within those tracks we include talks, focusing on mental health awareness, depression and anxiety. Each mix has a different theme and focuses on a different issue. The music is designed to merge with the

talks. Understanding Emotions isn't necessarily made to make you feel good or happy, it is not made to make you feel sad or down or any other emotion specifically. It is designed to make you feel. We started this to almost replicate life in a sense of which we are sometimes unable to control what happens to us or when it happens to us. In order for us to make it past these obstacles we need to understand how we are feeling. We are all on a journey of which everything can be going completely right and then in a split

second it will change into a different direction. Understanding Emotions aims to open up your mind and let your heart decide on how to feel with each track. Everyone’s perception will be different on how they will feel when listening. That’s beautiful In life we are sometimes unable to control the direction it wants to take us. Let it take you.

Understand it. Feel it."

Tune in this Sunday 7pm till Midnight for the Mental Health Awareness Week Special.