Guard in photo is NOT the actual guard who went raving.

Queen's guardsmen went to a drug-fuelled rave during lockdown

News 08/09/2020

13 of Queen Elizabeth II's guardsmen have been jailed for attending a cocaine-fuelled party during UK's COVID-19 lockdown.

The soldiers essentially has put the monarch in danger by partying with strangers during the lockdown back in June.

According to local media, the guardsmen were treated as a single household, banned from seeing their families and were prohibited from socialising with others to ensure the Queen and Prince Philip were safe in their bubble at Windsor Castle.

The soldiers' alcohol and drug-fuelled rave breached the bubble system that was designed to protect the royals from contracting coronavirus.

These 13 guardsmen were sentenced last week, and they will be spending two to four weeks at the military's Glasshouse prison in Colchester, Essex.

Four of them had tested positive for cocained and will be dismissed from the Army after serving their sentences.

An Army source had told Daily Mail that there were "never any danger" to the royals as the guardsmen would have had "absolutely no contact" with them.

At the height of the pandemic, the Queen's 24 servants were reportedly split into teams of 12, each working three weeks on and three weeks off. Staff who had taken leave were required to spend a week in quarantine before returning to work.

Last week's sentencing is believed to be the largest numbers of troops imprisoned for a single crime at once.