ZHU just sold a hard drive full of unreleased music

music news 14/09/2020

Just days before releasing his first solo track since 2017 with 'Risky Business', multi-instrumentalist and producer ZHU took to social media to share the news that he was selling a hard drive full of unreleased music for just under US$5,000. As you’ll see by following the link here, someone has already purchased the rare now sold out. Here's hoping they'll share the goods with the rest of us!

Along with the hard drive, ZHU dropped a bunch of other 'Risky Mystery Evidence' merch including evidence bags, orange overalls, bucket hats and a mysterious spanner which will be shipped at random. We're gonna assume the somewhat gimmicky merch has ties with ZHU's forthcoming album announced earlier in the year, so definitely keep an eye out for more!