More illegal raves take place across the UK ahead of national lockdown

music news 03/11/2020

Nothing seems to be able to stop rave-goers in the UK as a number of illegal raves took place all across England over the weekend.

The events went ahead despite news of an impending national lockdown being announced by the prime minister Boris Johnson on Saturday evening.

A rave in a warehouse in Bristol that boasted a crowd of nearly 700 people descended into chaos after police arrived on the scene, with crowd members throwing objects at officers.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said they "found a number of vehicles and several hundred people" at the site, and despite roads being closed to stem the flow of arrivals, “large numbers of people continued to arrive on foot from several different directions".

The spokesperson added: "Items, including lit spray cans and bottles, were thrown at police, some of whom were injured but remained on duty."

On top of that, a rave of more than 300 people was dispersed from  a farm near Wigan, after the owner of the 320-acre site reported the unlicensed event to police.

Seven police vehicles had their tyres slashed and a machete was found in nearby bushes.

Not to be out done, an illegal rave in London at the disused Hampstead police station attracted around 800 people on Saturday night.

London Metro police say more than 10 events took place on Halloween night.

All of these illegal raves have taken place ahead of new strict national lockdown measures coming into place in England on Thursday, November 5, as COVID-19 continues to spread around the country. The new measures willy apply nationally until at least Wednesday, December 2.

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