WATCH: MC Tali drops doco about her iconic breakthrough album "Lyric On My Lip"

Vids 15/12/2020

Friend of George FM MC Tali has been a busy lady during lockdown this year, putting together a full 45 minute documentary about her iconic breakthrough album, "Lyric On My Lip".

The doco, which can be viewed on YouTube and above.

This documentary is a love letter to all the fans of the album 'Lyric On My Lip' which recently celebrated it's 15 year anniversary.

In celebration, Tali recently re-released the album digitally for the first time ever (2020) and after finding a bunch of old archival tour videos, decided to put together a story about how the album came to be.

Told from the viewpoint of the people who helped create the album, those who were and who have their own personal experiences in hearing it for the first time, and from Tali herself, this documentary is for those fans who have their own memories of the album, who have followed Tali's career over the last 15+ years, or people who love a bit of Drum and Bass History. Made during a tremendously difficult and uncertain year, most of the interviews in this documentary were filmed while the participants were under lockdown in their own countries.

Listen to the re-released Lyric On My Lip LP below on Spotify.