People in the UK are petitioning to make April 17 DNB Day

music news 19/02/2021


UK promotions company 'The Blast' have started a petition aimed at UK media Secretary of State Oliver Dowden hoping to have April 17 officially recognised as DNB Day.

Their writted description described the drum and bass genre as something embraced by a worldwide community, and are wanting 17.4 marked out - with 174 the most commonly used tempo for drum and bass.

'With one of the most loyal and dedicated followings in the underground music scene, the love for Drum & Bass stretches far and wide,' they wrote. 'Often neglected by the mainstream, the scene has continued to thrive thanks to this incredible support from the DNB family.'

'On 17.4 (April 17th) we’re calling on all Drum & Bass soldiers to unite and recognise the date as Drum & Bass Day around the globe!'

They've also started an official Instagram for the day which you can find here.

Click here to sign the petition - surely we should celebrate 17.4 whether it gets made official or not! Get around it.