FILTH's Boiler Room is available online and it has raised the bar

music news 07/04/2021

The Boiler Room was founded back in 2010 and began with a webcam taped to a wall but the company has since grown worldwide and has streams from all around the world. Last month they finally made their debut here in Auckland’s club Neck of the Woods and have released their live stream at FILTH. 

Boiler Room, Neck of the Woods and FILTH all share the values of inclusivity of QTBIPOC. This was reflected in the lineup which featured Jess B, Half Queen, Rubi Du, Zeki, BBYFACEKILLA, and Lady Shaka who are all part of the QTBIPOC community. Jess B said in FILTH’s documentary, 

It is one of the few spaces in the city where you can express your queerness fully and feel empowered by it. 

FILTH events are unique not only in their diversity but also in their sound. There are no limits with the sound creation and one of the elements that makes it so special is the integration of Pasifika music infused with electronica. Jess B and Half Queen, the co-creators of FILTH, encourage genre-bending as they want their DJs to experiment and grow.  

Genre-bending was described in FILTH's documentary as ‘a set where hip-hop and club edits and techno are put all together but still make sense.’ When you watch the sets you will be amazed at the integration these artists do. Their inclusion of Pasifika music into their sets is something that you wouldn’t expect to work but becomes one of the absolute highlights of the show.  

This is some of New Zealand’s club culture’s finest work and we’re proud of these kiwi artists for showing the world how they are the future of music in New Zealand. They have raised the bar on what we should expect from Kiwi DJ’s - Lady Shaka’s poi performance as part of her set is a must-see. It’s a Boiler Room performance that will be hard to beat! You can watch these sets down below.

BBYFACEKILLA’s set (only available via twitter):

Zeki’s set:

Lady Shaka’s set:

Jess B’s set:

Half Queen’s set:

Rubi Du’s set:

Want to learn more about FILTH? Check out this video below.