Tim: The Official Biography Of Avicii will be released in November

music news 07/04/2021

It’s just been announced that Avicii’s official biography Tim: The Official Biography of Avicii will be released later this year. Written by award-winning journalist Måns Mosesson, the book will discuss the late DJ’s life, career and won’t shy away from his struggles.

“It’s almost impossible to grasp how big an impact Tim Bergling had, both on the music industry at large and on his fans all over the world. Måns Mosesson has travelled in Tim’s footsteps across the globe, from the streets of his childhood in Stockholm, to Miami, Ibiza and Los Angeles, in order to provide an in-depth and multifaceted picture of Tim’s life and works.”

The net proceeds from the book will be donated to the Tim Bergling foundation which was set up after Avicii’s death in 2018. The charity helps to fund various charities that create preventative action for mental health issues and suicide.

It has been almost three years since Avicii’s tragic passing and we’re glad to be able to get an honest depiction of his life in this new biography. Avicii made a huge impact on the music industry so we can’t wait to see what else this biography uncovers.