WATCH: Orchestra recreates Darude's Sandstorm to help fight climate change

Right Here Right Now 16/04/2021

This sounds like something that should be in the next Avengers movie. 

Sandstorm, the song of a generation, has been given a new life thanks to a Synphony Orchestra. 

Darude has teamed up with Smart & Clean, a foundation working towards new, impactful climate solutions, and an orchestra much like the ones that play at Synthony, called Classical Trancelations, for the new rendition of Sandstorm.

"Fighting against climate crisis is like conducting an orchestra. And like playing a symphony, impactful climate solutions can only be done together," Smart & Clean's website reads.

"In solving the climate crisis, though, playing according to old notes is not enough – a new approach and cooperation is needed from all of us. Halting global warming below 1.5°C requires urgent and massive CO2 emission reductions, as well as lifestyle changes."

Watch the full video above.