The Profile: CHAII & Party Favor - Oh Nah Yeah

The Profile 10/06/2021

Yeahhh nah nah yeah nah, OH NAH YEAH!

Kiwi-persian artist CHAII has had a helluva run lately. Off the back of her successful EP release ‘Lightswitch’ in 2020, in which the track with the same name was added to the FIFA 2021 track list for Playstation & Xbox. Alongside that massive international recognition her subsequent single ‘WOW’ (look at me) was featured on the latest Apple iPhone 12 commercial.

Fast forward to the release date of her latest track ‘Oh Nah Yeah!’ and it’s once again a story of international link ups, joining forces with the talented American DJ & producer Party Favor.
It’s all in the name really with Party Favor throwing down an undeniable party starting beat, laced with catchy melodies that has CHAII blending a mix of rap verses, chants and sun-spoken melodies of her own to bring OH NAH YEAH! to life.

“I really enjoyed working with the talented Party Favor. He’s honestly the best! Bringing our vibe together created such an exciting sound. I wrote 'OH NAH YEAH' about not letting fear rule my life. I had a discussion with my dad one day and what he said really stuck with me. He said don’t ever change your creative work and what you stand for because of fear. I guess I could just make safe music and not have to fear anything. OR I move forward not letting fear shape who I am. I originally started from writing the lyrics about needing to hold your ground. I often catch myself saying sorry for no reason or if I don’t make sense to someone. There’s no need to have to default to an apology for not fitting in any box, being yourself and existing.” - CHAII

OH NAH YEAHHHHH BOIIII this is a certified heater! So make sure ya peep a listen own below and keep an eye out for CHAII on gig line ups near you! She’s an absolute riot live.

- Brook Gibson