Aussie Lads Claim Guiness World Record For ‘World's Smallest Club’ With The Doof Shed

funny shit 15/07/2021

A legit DJ set up, smoke machine, lighting and a disco ball all make up the now record-holding Doof Shed.

The Guinness World Record for ‘World's Smallest Club' is now held by Aussie lads Harry Nathan and Boonie Labrakis.

The 'Doof Shed' is a 1.53m x 0.74m x 1.88m space with a legitimate Pioneer DJ setup, complete with smoke machine, lighting, and a disco ball. They were able to take the world record from Rotherhams' Club 28' in the United Kingdom.

As Harry explains, the ‘Doof Shed' was a response to the music industry's lockdowns and limits, due to the closure and limited spaces of places to dance in.

“Dance music culture continues to experience setbacks worldwide, with music festivals and nightclubs closing or being cancelled at a rapid rate. The landscape has become very difficult for promoters to schedule future events, running the risk of having their events cancelled last minute due to COVID restrictions or sudden government lockdowns,”

Check out a short video of the Doof Shed in action below:

For anyone who liked the sound of spending time in a claustrophobic room with pounding music and strobes, the club was open to the public via a ballot system. The money raised from the ballot then went to mental health organisations that were assisting those who had been impacted by the lockdowns following the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Harry is a producer himself who has signed and released music with the renowned online label Majestic Casual in the past, so you know his heart was in the right place for this one!

Nothing like a feel good doof going towards a good cause right?