Bou releases 60+ track charity album to raise funds for Palestine

music news 05/07/2021

Bou last week released 'DNB 4 Peace', a 63 track LP featuring some of the genre's biggest names, with all profits going to Doctors Without Borders on the ground in Palestine.

The album features releases from the likes of A.M.C, Turno, Alix Perez, Unglued, Voltage, Benny L, Annix, Ben Snow, Enei, Halogenix, K Motionz, Pola & Bryson, Gray, Mollie Collins, Bou and more.

“It’s amazing seeing so many artists get behind it and donate tracks,” Bou told UKF. “I was seeing all those videos on the news, it was just heart-breaking and I think if we’re in any type of position where we can have a positive influence, we should. So many people were keen to jump on it, which was so cool to see.”

“This isn’t about taking sides, I’m not on any side of the conflict,” states Bou. “I am supporting the people who’ve got no say in what’s happening. The families, the kids on the streets, they got no resources, no health care. It’s brutal. I want us to come together and make a difference.”

One of the tracks featured made its world premier on George FM Drive during the ANODNB takeover - A.M.C and Turno's remix of Bru-C and Bou's track 'Streetside'.

You can find the album on Bandcamp here.