LUUDE's Down Under Remix hits No. 1 on the NZ Charts

music news 24/01/2022

LUUDE's massive summer continues with his remix of 'Down Under' officially hitting number one on the New Zealand charts and reaching gold certification here in Aotearoa.

It's the first time we can remember a drum and bass song hitting number one for a while - the last being Sigma's Nobody To Love, which similarly to Down Under started as a bootleg that gained a full head of steam leading to an official release.

According to LUUDE, he made the track 'as a meme' while trying to figure out how he could keep producing content with shows off the cards thanks to COVID. The snippet went viral which led to original Men At Work singer Colin Hay signing off on the remix and re-singing the track for an official release. The song also found massive success on TikTok and is continuing to blow up internationally.

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