Netsky and Montell2099 have teamed up again for new tune 'Broken'


Go on and add this one to the playlist for the weekend.

It's been a big couple of weeks for Montell2099. First, it was announced that he'll be playing at Tomorrowland 2022 alongside SACHI later this year.

And now, Montell2099 has got a brand new song with Netsky.

Following their tune 'Mixed Emotions', the guys have teamed back up for 'Broken' out today.

Netsky and Montell 2099 both posted on Insta saying "we’ve been holding onto this one for a little while… pumped to get this out there…".

Sin and Brook caught up with the boys to talk about holding on to the song for a while with Netsky saying the song was one Montell had started "in a time when no one could travel".

"We got in studio together last year in march to finish the beat". he continued saying "I'm super proud of it, I think it's a great record".

Also talking about Tomorrowland, Netsky said he plans on taking Montell and the SACHI boys under his wing, watch the full chat above and listen to 'Broken' below.