WATCH: Producer remakes Soulja Boy's 'Crank Dat' in 37 seconds

Watch 21/02/2022

We hear so many stories of artists pulling together songs out of nowhere. Adele reckons she wrote 'Hometown Glory' in ten minutes. Same goes for Lady Gaga with 'Just Dance'.

But how about putting the bones of a song that's already been made together in 10 minutes? YouTuber and music producer Servida Music has done just that at breakneck speed with his latest video, where he sees how fast he can pull together Soulja Boy's 2007 anthem 'Crank That' using FL Studio.

The producer sets out a few rules for himself - he has to recreate the first 45 seconds of the intrumental and must sequence all of his patterns and instruments by hand instead of using loops.

After a bit of practice and a couple of days worth of attempts it basically becomes an art form and he's able to get the process down to an incredible 37 seconds.

Check out the journey up top!