Over 120 DNB artists team up for 'Together With Ukraine' charity album

music news 07/03/2022

Drum and bass brings people together in so many ways, and once again the community have come together to make a lasting impact.

Over 120 of your favourite artists have united in an effort to raise money for the Ukrainian Red Cross Society following the geopolitical unrest and situation unfolding between Ukraine and Russia.

Artists featured on the 136-track project range from Noisia, Fred V and Modestep to our own Tokyo Prose - as well as features from plenty of Ukraianan acts like Limewax, Dub Head and Warm Roller.

The project came together in less than a week with Ukrainian promoter Vlad Yaremchuk and UK promoter Rhys Bainham pulling the strings.

“Action is happening in Kyiv every day. Most people are sticking to homes or staying in bomb shelters, basements or the metro stations,” Vlad told UKF.

“The amount of bombings is worrying. It’s hard to explain it. There’s a large amount of anti-air defence in the city but the Ukrainian troops still have to fight a lot. The major tactic, instead, seems to be bombing the hell out of civilians. There are other cities that aren’t so protected like Mariupol where there is currently no communications, no heating no electricity and they’re not letting humanitarian help do its job.”

On the inspiration for the project, he said “Donations are amazing, but the main thing is to encourage awareness and get people to share the truth, read what is happening, go to demonstrations and contact your local politicians and campaign for stronger sanctions,” he explains. “We’re doing the best we can and we urge the world to do the same.”

Purchase Together With Ukraine on Bandcamp here to support the Ukraininan Red Cross Society and get access to the 136 tracks that comprise the project.