Calvin Harris officially announces Funk Wav Bounces Vol 2

Right Here Right Now 21/04/2022

Summer 2022.

That's the date range Calvin Harris has given us for his Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1 follow up.

We were always holding out hope the 2017 project would get a sequel. Despite the 'Volume 1' title it wasn't always guaranteed we'd get a Volume 2 after Harris tweeted that he was 'moving on from the sound' in 2018, but that tweet has since been deleted and we are officially ON.

While he did move on from the sound and bless us with Love Regenerator, he teased last month that 'Vol 2 is gonna be mad' leading us to speculate that that Funk Wav Bounces Vol 2 was still on the cards.

And now it's officially confirmed, with the Scotting DJ sharing art on a billboard along with the caption 'Summer '22' (which will be our winter).

No doubt we'll be keeping an eye out for some singles from the upcoming project - for now give Vol 1 a jam below!