WATCH: Daft Punk share original storyboard from iconic 'Around The World' video

Watch 19/04/2022

A surprise special treat for fans of the now-separated Daft Punk, the original storyboard of the music video for “Around the World” has been released for us to enjoy.

Featuring hand-drawn doodles of the iconic Michael Gondry-directed video's concept, fans can take a look at where the ideas were first formed and put on paper. The final music video included dancers, a group of mummies, and women in swimming attire - all of which are featured in the storyboard which you can check out up top.

While the French duo officially announced their disbandment last year, a website without context has recently been launched, with the message “Archives Loading” on display.

Here's hoping this signals more historic behind-the-scenes footage and other rare content from the dance music pioneers.

This isn't the first time since their disbandment we've been treated to some special archived content - to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their 1997 album Homework, Daft Punk released a deluxe edition of the album and hosted an exclusive livestream of one of their earliest shows on Twitch.

Click here for our list of their 10 biggest tracks. Long live Daft Punk.