Kiwi DnB DJs are remixing Harry Styles' new track and we don't know how to feel

Right Here Right Now 04/05/2022

Hold the bloody phone, a new trend is emerging on TikTok where Kiwi DJs are having a crack at giving Harry Styles' new song a drum and bass remix. 

Yeeeep, she's an interesting combo. 

We know the man has legions of fans and he consistently blows up the charts, but we didn't expect to see him catching the attention of the DnB community in Aotearoa - and we definitely couldn't have predicted how it would sound.

DNB duo Pirapus took Harry Styles' 'As It Was' and tore it apart to put it back together as a grunty stadium DNB banger - resampling the original chords, adding glitchy FX, a Reese bass and some crispy drums. 

Meanwhile, Welly-based producer Phrase made it into a liquid drum and bass track, and we can't help but feel it's an absolute tune. 

Phrase said he'd release the track if he got 1000 likes on TikTok, and as of right now, it has over 60k. 

He's now dropped the whole thing, and says he'll get a Harry Styles-related tattoo if his latest post gets 10,000 like in the first 24 hours.  

So, thoughts, concerns? Do we want to hear these on George?