Chores (ft Rachel Leo) - Crave It

The Profile 03/08/2022

Chores - Crave It ft. Rachel Leo

The durable & delectable duo that are Chores are back at it again with their latest funk-inspired disco-esque track ‘ Crave It’. Featuring the vocal talents of Rachel Leo.

A slightly less club heavy track from Chores, but a juicy little number nonetheless. Showing their range ahead of the release of their forthcoming album. Utilising some good old analog bass, that's right, the lads jam out with their bass (cc: cinematic masterpiece “I Love You, Man” circa 2009) and coupling it with some synths you’d expect to hear down the local razza on a classic Sunday.

“It’s great to release the 5th single from our forthcoming album, complementing other pop-house singles like ‘Let Go’ and ‘My Love’. - Thommy Simmons of Chores.

Look out for the album in mention to drop later this year & make sure ya double park ya self with a few stiff ones front left at their next set. Between the old electronic drum pad thingy, a few too many CDJ’s and the amazingly talented vocalists they enlist, its always a belter of a performance.

Kia Kaha Aotearoa music!

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