Quix - Enter With Caution (feat. Alix Robson)

The Profile 02/05/2022

Festival headliner and big bass weapon Quix drops another DNB tune with Alix Robson on the vocals. Here's what Quix had to say about the track:

"It all started when I was sent the demo vocal from Alix…I stopped everything I was doing and listened to it for about 10 straight minutes. It was so magical and powerful all in one and I knew it needed the most triumphant instrumental! I got to work ASAP and after roughly 6 different drop ideas, 15 different session files and 25 exported versions I finally got there and BOOM here is Enter With Caution!!! This beautiful vocal from Alix was the key to unlocking the power of this song, and with the hectic orchestral drum and bass dinger behind it, I knew we had something very special."