The Profile: Samson Live - Breathe

The Profile

Groooovin’ & Mooovin’ Baby!

If Samson Live lived by a mantra, I reckon that’d be it eh. The two Sams that make up Samson Live are straight up smooth operators with wild musical talent.

Samson Live slid onto the George FM radar mid-2019 when the duo experimented to see if they could bring a truly live instrumental set to the club scene. They were then invited to come and rip into a full live streamed jam session on George Nights that was a right royal way to christen the new studios:

Fast forward to late 2021 and the duo have released their debut single, “Breathe”, a sexy sultry anthem for you to bask in on a summer's evening. Delightful!

Fan demand sent Samson Live to the studio to work on their much-anticipated debut track which “blends lush vocals and conscious lyrics with the energy and spirit of House music.

The song is a reminder to live in the moment and focus on the thing that connects us to the Earth,” says Sam Allen.

The duo of Sam Allen (Vocals, Guitar & Bass) and Sam Jones (Saxophone, Keys & Flute) are honestly one of the funnest live acts to witness and if we get hissing this festie season, make sure you line up a front left spot to catch them perform. Unreal scenes!

Here's the track...