The Profile : PRINS - Follow Me

The Profile 19/05/2021

Local singer-songwriter PRINS is gracing the airwaves by delivering her most recent stellar release ‘Follow Me’.

Starting to wander down an electronic path and head in a new & exciting direction for PRINS ‘Follow Me’ is an electro-pop anthem that’ll be fired up at pre’s and get you in the mood for some mischief. With lyrics such as "I'm a danger to myself / I put my mind up on the shelf / Let my demons just have their way" it definitely depicts raw self indulgent tendencies that are often synonymous with a lifestyle of partying. This coupled with ‘Follow Me’ dancing around the cusp of major tech house energy, it’s hard to not get ya bop on.

“I wanted to stay away from writing about relationship-py stuff, because it's so easy to write about that. It’s a dark dancey track, just about when you’ve had a coupppple drinks and ya feeling a little bit yaaaa know”.  - PRINS on ‘ Follow Me’

Ya know what PRINS, I do know.

Along with amazing solo efforts, many George FM listeners may recognise her distinct vocal talents from the Lee Mvtthews track ‘Don’t Say It’. She’s also been back in the studio again recently with Tom Lee and you can expect more to come from PRINS in the near future.

Also after kicking off the year with Bay Dreams Nelson and Electric Avenue, PRINS will continue her string of high-powered performances this month in Dunedin and Queenstown.

27th May - Inch Bar Dunedin, 28th May - Yonder Bar Queenstown

Stream ‘Follow Me’ from PRINS below now!