The Profile: 33 Below freshens up Foley's summer classic 'Cola'

The Profile 24/01/2020

Everyone loves a cola in the summer, right?

Foley is back with a summer weapon Cola (33 Below Remix) for the BBQ season. It's a liquid treat and its about releasing a love that was once a heavy burden to bear.

“We don’t typically associate letting go of someone as a fun or joyful thing - so sometimes it’s cathartic to spin that on its head and enjoy the fact that being on your own can be an incredible release”

Cola is an anthem of confidence - a cathartic release of love that was once a heavy burden (“no weight in the world got me walking on air”). Following a string of singles questioning past failures in love, Cola continues Foley’s change of tone towards freedom and positivity.


Foley have made a name for themselves by acting out against the standard producer-vocalist two piece model; instead writing, performing and producing everything completely collaboratively. In an industry where female vocalists are often commoditised, it’s an important distinction to make.

The pair have developed a strong point of view as commentators of millennial doubt and confusion. They have never shied from laying bare the stark challenge of navigating love and relationships in your 20s, attempting to piece together some sense around the most universal of emotions.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, upcoming drum & bass producer, 33 Below has been honing his craft behind closed doors.

With an ear for lush, ethereal sounds inspired by the likes of Lenzman & Glxy, combined with technical, driving drums & basslines influenced by Alix Perez & 1991, 33 Below likes to blend subgenres of all Drum & Bass.

With a steady stream of releases throughout last year, including remixes for SACHI & Eno x Dirty, 33 Below’s bubbly remix of Foley’s single “Cola” has been added to the stack.

Also part of the RnB/electronic group, Forest Club, the 20 year old has his sights set on an exciting musical journey ahead.