The Profile: Azifm - Take It Back

The Profile 22/10/2021

Oi this is about AZIFM’s latest track “Take It Back”, but hold the phone, we will get there...

When ya think of Rangiora, you just think degenerates with chop-shops free boosting their nissan cefiro’s till they clap out then ditching them in the local river. Well at least that’s what I think and in all honesty, that statement could not be closer to the truth in my eyes.


Once in a bluemoon, there’s a metaphorical twinkle in the rangiora night sky. Rising from the dust of bleak garage piss up in the regions, I present to you AZIFM...
Oh side note, all the nonsense I’ve just spurted above is in the most endearing manner possible.

Rangiora - Great Region, Great People, Great Garages.

Sorry I’ve been on a digression, let's get into this eh.

AZIFM has been carving himself a niche in the drum & bass scene both here in Aotearoa and as of late, overseas. “Making Way” is a 4 track EP released on a major drum & bass label ‘Must Make Music’, which is an imprint of coveted producer Jack Workforce - one half of Spectrasoul.

“Yeah I remember I got the email, I just stared at it for a bit, just like ohhhh my god! Do I even want to send him some music? Shit he might just tear me apart... but it ended up working out pretty good!” - Aidan Morris aka AZIFM

Bringing a concoction of live instrumentation, breakbeats, synths and vocal samples, AZIFM compiles it all in a masterful fashion for the ‘Making Way’ EP.

Alongside 3 other tracks, the latest release off the EP is “Take It Back”. Opening up with what I can only describe as a RAUNCHY horn section and an equally as eloquent vocal line, it really is a genuinely unique sound, and a refreshing one at that.

Let the track breathe!

So indulge in the above mentioned tune below and let it set off a groovy mood in ya!