The Profile: Chores - Let Go (feat. Elaskia)

The Profile 11/10/2021

Formally known as “The Lost Boys”, Auckland’s 4th best student night dj duo (self appointed) CHORES are back with another tune encompassing their signature sound.

The platonic life partners that are Sam Saunders & Thommy Simmons create the long lasting duo of CHORES. With a stack of singles and EPs already tucked under their snakeskin belts they called upon the vocal talents of upcoming Australian artist Elaskia for their latest track “Let Go”.

The award-winning duo, known for making infectious electro-pop/dance-house music that can be likened to a mix between Hayden James, Duke Dumont and Rufus Du Sol display this once again with ‘Let Go’, another impressive example of their innate songwriting and production skills.

“I had been watching a lot of Sci-fi at the time of production. The track sounds like it is about a person, but it is actually about intangible assets. Ideas that you can see in your head, that you want to hold onto, but don't know how.

The robotic processing of the vocal is to reflect that machines can do this perfectly better than humans, and the width on the drops to make the problem seem larger than life itself, like I said, a lot of Sci-fi”. - Sam Saunders

As Chores reveal, this song also comes with a positive message of self-confidence, and not being afraid to try your best at whatever you set your mind to. Elaskia also shares her insight into the positive experience she had working with Chores throughout the song-writing process.

“Writing and making this song with Chores has been super fun, bouncing ideas back and forth and seeing how far it's come since the original track they sent. It's been really cool to be able to bring this project to life and I'm stoked I can be a part of that.” – Elaskia

Have a gander at the track mentioned below and be sure to catch them playing at the upcoming festival season.