The Profile: Chores have come through once again with fun & quirky number 'Vampire Teeth'

The Profile 12/06/2018

Chores continue their winning streak with a new killer track, ‘Vampire Teeth, feat. EYE SAK MAC.
The track has had first-play spins on here George and on Triple J in Aussie.
A beat-driven, uplifting tune, ‘Vampire Teeth’ delves into new sonic territories for Chores and showcases the duo to be one of the most progressive acts on the Kiwi dance scene right now.

The boys had this to say about the track,

We are always trying to develop our sound and ‘Vampire Teeth’ is very much about pushing boundaries. Its vibe pays homage to the nu-disco music we grew up listening and partying to, band such as Van She, Hot Chip and Chromeo.

The nu-disco sound is really prominent in this one and it's a track that'll make you feel like you're havin' summer in the middle of winter.

We've been absolutely thrashing this one here at George, and you're bound to as well once you give it a geez.