The Profile: Cymbol teams up with Alae for 'I Need You'

The Profile 26/04/2019

Cymbol is back with his brand new single I Need You featuring ALAE.

The absolute bop encompasses Cymbol’s signature production style with a surpurb lyrical performance from ALAE front-man, Alex Farrell-Davey.

“Alex and I got in the studio and started off listening to a bunch music that we really liked - just to catch some vibes. I played a few of my own works in progress, and before I knew it, he’d picked up the guitar and put together the first verse and chorus”

The studio is definitely Cymbol’s second home. Every sound meticulously engineered and acutely put in place to provide the perfect canvas for Alex to work off.

I swear that in every take we recorded you could really feel Alex’s pain and emotion punch through, so raw and real - he killed that shit.

"This was definitely special, so after he left the studio I worked on it through the night to get the arrangement and core of the song sorted”

Although he admits this track has brought out his “softer side” Cymbol has remained in unswerving pursuit of that goosebump moment, with a high energy sample driven hook that perfectly compliments Alex’s vocal dexterity and mesmerising melodic tone.

“I’ve usually leaned towards a more aggressive style, but it was really cool to step into something that really challenged my skillset and pushed me out of my comfort zone”

His comfort zone has been his solace since his last release. Admittedly over the last year he had experienced the “dark side” and mental strain of being an artist in this present day.

“There’s always that thought of needing to top your last release. It really opened a can of worms in my head. It really put a dent into my love for music and also really fucking up my creative process - to the point where I wasn’t creating at all. For months nothing good was coming out of that studio”

“I really just needed to get back to having fun again. Get back to falling in love with music. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely been a slow process, but I think I’m getting back into my element. I definitely channelled my emotions into I Need You. It’s almost like an apology letter”