The Profile: Dick Johnson puts a new spin on Alae's 'Hit Me Where It Hurts'

The Profile 11/11/2019

Kiwi band Alae gets the remix treatment from George FM's own Magik J aka Dick Johnson.

Dick gives this beautiful little tune just the amount of kick needed for George.

Recorded in Los Angeles, Hit Me Where Hurts wraps a tale of one-sided love in a a springtime slice of slick soulful pop. 

Songwriter and vocalist Alex Farrel-Davey states; ”Hit Me Where It Hurts was the first song I’ve ever written in a group situation, and with people I don’t know. The process was massively unfamiliar, but it flowed so well. It’s really opened my mind to to a more collaborative songwriting process, which is something I would have been really closed off to previously. It was a real privilege to work with such a knowledgeable collective.”