The Profile: Dual drop new single 'Lately I Don't Know'

The Profile 29/06/2020

Off the back of their energetic single ‘Running Around My Head’, Auckland based indie-electronic duo DUAL return with a brand new track!

Driven by duality, lead vocalist Maurice Miller and guitarist Jamie Pyne infuse lush, low-key EDM with a head spin of experimental indietronica in their latest release ‘Lately I Don’t Know’. The kaleidoscopic track is DUAL’s response to being fed up with the state of the world and the effect it is having on humanity.

“We live in a 24/7 society where humans have become numb and desensitised to global pain” explains DUAL.  “We’re all guilty of it. We, the people, have lost faith in people. We’re exhausted. Don't shut down, don't turn away, just listen."