The Profile: Elipsa - Make It Up To Me

The Profile 09/07/2021

‘Make It Up To Me’ is the second single from drum and bass rising star - Elipsa. Deep, dark and full of sass, this self-produced track draws you into a relationship where actions speak louder than words.

“I wrote this song after my ex and I encountered a bit of trouble. He’d done me wrong, but rather than dwell on it, I wanted to move past it. The lyrics capture my process of accepting the hurt and figuring out how he could prove his love to me; in a somewhat unconventional way. There's also no better way to get over something than to produce a sexy, bass-filled dance tune about it." - Elipsa

The tune showcases Elipsa's unique and soulful approach to drum and bass, with a bouncy 808 intro that leads to a minimal break full of harmonies and pretty synths. It's a high energy follow-up from her first liquid dnb single 'Alien' that eludes a grittier side to her.

You can stream 'Make It Up To Me' on all major streaming platforms now.