The Profile: Johnny Calvert - My Own

The Profile 09/03/2022

Johnny Calvert has turned a new page in 2022, with the forthcoming release 'My Own' highlighting his vast palate of house music.

Resembling a style made famous by Gorgon City and Meduza, My Own moves away from the techy club traits of his other releases, to explore the darker side of radio hit house music.

My Own begins with a sombre aura, that’s induced by minor chords coupled with deep male vocals. This establishes its motif: you’re holding on to something that you know to be harmful, but you're unable to let go and do things on your own. The pre-chorus then compounds this idea by employing a profuse amount of instrumentation.

This increases en route to the main section, and essentially draws the melancholy out of you, replacing it with burning motivation: you can do this on your own.