The Profile: Mylen - Galaxy

The Profile 11/03/2021

Mylen, or affectionately known by his Mother & flatmates french bulldog as Cameron, is part of the exciting new wave of young and hungry producers Aotearoa is offering up!

Making a name for himself as a DJ in the depths of Dunedin for several years, Mylen went on to win the coveted Rhythm & Vines Wildcard DJ Comp along with securing a nomination in the Georgies category for “NZ’s Best DJ”. Mylen then decided 2020 was the year to flick open his MacBook that runs purely on coal and fire up Ableton, making that next step into the production realm.

Fast forward to 2021, Cameron has made the move to Auckland, his mate's dog came with him & “Mylen” is unapologetically baring his colors in his debut single, Galaxy.

A science-fiction fueled love song filled with spacey keys, other-worldly vocals and an infectious melody, Mylen sets the stage for a 2021 full of brand new music with his own distinctive flavour. Galaxy draws influences from the soundscapes of all things space, with 80’s rock inspired drums and a distinctly vintage electro synth melody. This culminates into a song guaranteed to get a dance floor moving, and this is just the start for Mylen.

The bloke who let slip his guilty pleasure is the original RuneScape soundtrack (oi ya nerd) had this to say about the upcoming year….“2021 is a massive year in the making, so so much more music, international collaborations, remixes and maybe even a sneaky little EP”. So it’s safe to say if Mylen's debut single Galaxy is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat in 2021! Rip into the track below, tell ‘em I sent ya!

  • Brook Gibson