The Profile: Otosan - Jump Up

The Profile 09/04/2019

Otosan had a big year in 2018, racking up over a million streams on Spotify with their first single 'Do You Feel It', and gaining support from DJ's such as Hardwell, and Triple J Radio in Australia with their second single 'Lights'. Both songs also featured on Ministry of Sound compilations.

'Jump Up' is their first single for 2019, and also their first with the ASTRX label. The track brings together rolling house basslines with punchy MC vocals to deliver a fresh summer banger sure to make bodies move.


"We recorded the vocal for this one a while ago in Auckland but had been trying to create the right instrumental for it for a while.

"Ryan had just arrived in Amsterdam and wrote the basic parts to a new track while laying in the sunshine of Vondelpark in summer last year, which turned out to finally be the right fit for this vocal for us.

"From there we did countless Amsterdam to Auckland video studio sessions where one of us was up at a crazy early hour in the morning to catch the other one in the evening. We also teamed up with a great French designer called Rister for the artwork on this which we really love."