The Profile: Otosan - When You Go (feat. DOOLIE)

The Profile 10/09/2021

The dynamic duo & all round roosters that are Otosan have been belting out dance floor anthems and festival bangers for bloody ages now! They’ve found an unmistakable sound and are really carving that niche, on ya lads.

In their latest offering the Otosan team have linked up with goldcoast sensation DOOLIE, bringing her signature vocal sound to ‘When You Go’, complementing the Otosan sound beautifully.

““We had been wanting to work on a track with DOOLIE for quite some time now as we knew our sounds would complement each other really well. Finally our schedules and locations lined up to get a day in the studio together so we jumped at the chance.” - Otosan

‘When You Go’ is just what the doctor ordered for lifting spirits in these uncertain lockdown covid-esque times. It’s definitely a party starter that’ll have ya cracking into a few adult lemonades on the back deck this spring, as you eye up that festival season on the horizon.

“To me this song is about realising how much you’ve grown to rely on a person for your happiness and love. When writing the lyrics we really wanted the track to emulate the emotions of initial fear, and then disappointment within yourself when you make that realisation. Working with the guys, we were able to pinpoint that through the production, and have it take you through those intense waves of emotion." - DOOLIE

So add this to ya playlist, whack it on ya USB, play it out and play it loud. Stream the latest Otosan & DOOLIE track below. Tell ‘em I sent ya!